A2C ASESORES, was founded in 1983, and is formed by a group of professionals, covering all legal areas in which it is immersed the current economic Society, with services aimed especially SMEs, s, which is the Business Sector which for reasons of its own structure, but must have to find partnerships and support that allows to solve all the problems that arise in their daily work.

A2C ASESORES wishes to accompany him on the progress of your business, well since its inception advising in the creation of your company or subsequently, helping in restructuring only if it is accurate.

A2C ASESORES, endeavor for you, your relationships with public bodies elapse without frights, confeccionándole all declarations and self-assessments, in accordance with current legislation, analyzing and studying each, in order to use all the incentives and benefits of all kinds, that the law makes available to the amounts payable are as tight as possible.

A2C ASESORES, you look for all kinds of subsidies and allowances to which your company can be rewarded, granted by any of the competent public bodies in the area where your company is located.

A2C ASESORES, will help in their foreign trade operations, both with countries of the European Union and with other, advising the latter on various types of tariffs imposed on a country, both export and import, to seek also all possible official aid. And if it is your desire to mount a permanent establishment abroad, analyze your case and will advise what is the best legal form to be established in the country of their choice, providing a comprehensive dossier on it, to know its basic lines and you can help decide. Then we will make the necessary formalities (prewriting, drafting statutes, grant, liquidation Tax, Registration at the appropriate records, Altas necessary, etc.) and put in their hands ready to operate, the business entity suited to their needs.

We are introduced in Morocco, Egypt and the Eastern European countries where we maintain correspondents, but if your country of choice is another, please contact us since we can also help in expanding abroad.

A2C ASESORES, aware of the changes in today’s society, motivated among others by the implementation and new technologies and increasing competitiveness requires the employer renewal and constant updating, in this case also wants to be at his side.

A2C ASESORES, is ready to lend a personalized and highly qualified advice, which beneficially affect the profitability of your business and your own peace of mind. We are at your disposal, to walk together the path of effort, constant improvement and no doubt, of success.