Strictly manage up-to-date Tax-Accountancy and Labour issues through its own employees, entails a consumption of resources and time that also requires specific training.

With our Integral Consulting Systems you will save time and costs. You will have a team of specialists in the Tax-Accounting and Labour Areas, so that you and your employees can focus on other more profitable fields, gaining in competitiveness and generating greater benefits.

Reduction of errors, specialization, efficiency and precision are some of the values that we can contribute to your company. Contact us and our team of professionals with extensive experience and training will help you solve any question that may arise, adapting to your needs and offering customized solutions.




No salaried staff

25€ per month

45€ per month

1 to 3 workers

45€ per month

65€ per month

4 to 6 workers

75€ per month

95€ per month

7 to 10 workers

110€ per month

130€ per month

11 to 20 workers

155€ per month

195€ per month

More than 20 workers

Customized offers according to employees and needs

Customized offers according to employees and needs

Our Prices Include

Fiscal and Accounting Area

  • Constant advice, either by telephone or in person in our office as needed by the client.
  • Preparation of all Tax settlements that affect your activity.
  • Accounting of all your commercial operations and preparation of Balance Sheets and Profit and Loss Accounts on a quarterly basis.

Labour Area

  • Constant telephone or face-to-face counseling in our office as required.
  • Preparation of payroll and social insurance.
  • Preparation of Liquidations/Settlements and calculation of compensation.
  • Preparation and processing of Labor Contracts.
  • Control of the termination of contracts.
  • Preparation of Company Certificates.